Help me re-find an almond butter affecionado's blog!
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Help my google foo is failing me! I recall coming across a blog about a year ago. The writer was cooking all kinds of things using almond butter. I believe that was the entire focus of the blog: almond butter. I don't recall it being linked to any of the recipe sites or to any almond butter maker. I had the impression she just loves almond butter. But, I cannot find it again. Does anyone else recall a blog like this?
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She doesn't cook exclusively with almond butter, but she does talk about it and use it in recipes alot.
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Elena's Pantry used to use a ton of Almond Flour... not quite almond butter...
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Annnnd that was fast! Thanks Bella, that is the website I remembered.
LittleMy, that website looks delish. I'll be checking my local Amish market for almond flour (that's where I get all my off beat flours )
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