How can I get back into SEM volunteer work?
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Where would I look for charitable volunteer SEM opportunities?

I used to work at Google and they had an internal program where SEM Strategists could donate some of their time to working on marketing campaigns for charitable organizations. It was a wonderfully unique volunteer opportunity, because many of these org could never afford to hire an agency to manage SEM campaigns, and it allowed a way for people in my profession to contribute a valuable service to further a good cause while leveraging our unique skill set.

I would love to do it again, but unfortunately, it was for Googlers only. I've only found one site which seems to offer a similar placement service, but it seems to not have been updated in ages.

Any thoughts on how I might get back into SEM volunteer work? If no programs exist which match talented SEM strategists up with needy charities, is there any way I could independently seek out charities and offer my services?
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My suggestion would be to think of some causes you greatly care about, figure out organizations in that field that you'd love to help, and approach them directly.

Say something like: "I used to work for Google, and I can do X, Y and Z. I love what you do, is there any way I could help you?"

I once got involved in microfinance in a big way by doing just that.

You may need to work on finding the right people to approach, and it may take a while for things to happen.

Also it can be a great idea to hook up with other people you know who might also like to contribute to those same causes.
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check out catchafire and sparked. both have volunteer projects (catchafire is usually 25-30 hour projects, sparked is microvolunteering so 15-30 MINUTE projects) targeted towards specific professional skill sets, including SEO/SEM strategy.
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Also there is All for Good. Looks like it aggregates feeds from places like the ones mentioned above.
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Use Gmail.


I can't think of too many volunteer / charitable organizations that are going to turn down free help with their web site from anybody qualified, let alone somebody with Google on their resume. However, I would suggest focusing on small / local orgs that don't generally get access to your kind of skills. The DNC, or Cancer Society, or whatever have staffs and budgets and all that in place - not to mention bureaucracy. You want to find organizations where you can email the Executive Director and expect a reponse back.
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Is there a Google Alumni group? They might be able to help you out.
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