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Looking for a place in the North End of Boston to bring Mrs. Raybun for lunch.
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Since you don't specify type of food, atmosphere or price, let me suggest either Galleria Umberto or Neptune Oyster.
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I went to Panza recently for dinner and the food was amazing. It's a really cute little place. They don't serve dessert but you can walk a block and get something delicious at a nearby bakery.
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It's too late now, but for any future reference: I love love love the Daily Catch in the North End. (The other ones aren't as good, trust me) It's a weird little hole-in-the-wall with the kitchen right by you and you'll probably sit next to strangers but the food is delicious. Heads up though, it's cash-only, and there's often a line so get there early. Totally worth it for lunch or dinner.
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Not fancy, but always tasty: Artu.
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Seconding Galleria Umberto. Not fancy, but the food is amazing and the experience is quintessential North End.
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Since you're being pretty open ended, you can't go wrong with Durgin Park, and it's right near the North End.
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I love Pomodoro.
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