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What's the best device (case, perhaps?) or method (common household item?) keep my ties and pocket squares in order in my suitcase when I travel?

If you recommend I go out and buy something special for this purpose, I'd ask that it follow the Morris rule and be exceedingly useful and/or exceedingly beautiful. Thanks!
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My husband has a vintage tie travel case similar to this one. There may be more beautiful ones out there, but he was happy to have found his "new" and still in the box for $2 at an Estate Sale. You can also look under "tie wallet." mrgood prefers not to roll his ties.
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This method re-uses your dry cleaner bags. Nowhere near as elegant as a dedicated case...
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I'm a fan of the rolling method and so something like this tie pot [with spaces for cufflinks] is my definition of lovely but also sort of spendy but it might be a place to start. In fact, you could use this same notion and use an old SLR lens case and that might be both lovely and inexpensive.
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I'm not exactly the epitome of style and class, but I always roll my ties, then put them in the toes of my dress shoes. Keeps the ties unwrinkled, and the shoes uncrushed, and I don't need to lug anything else along.
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Roll, stick in tupperware, add lid.
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introp: "Roll, stick in tupperware, add lid."

We have a winner. A quart size tupperware container holds two ties, rolled without wrinkles. Thanks!
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