Will they fit me?
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Wondering if any one with a F-H breast size has every ordered from Modcloth?

I'm wanting to purchase a couple of dresses, but I am a bit chunky and quite top heavy. I have loads of trouble trying to fit my bust (36G) into most tops.

Relevant details:

5ft, bit chunky and 36G bust.

I really want to order these dresses, but I'm really worried about how they'll fit my breast area.

Any one with a huge bust like mine, have any info they can share on the sizing of ModCloth dresses?
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ModCloth dresses vary wildly -- I don't think they make any clothes, they just sell a bunch of different brands, so there's no way to know. I've bought a few things from there and some have been way too big and some rather snug in the same nominal size. The reviews are generally pretty explicit, and they ask people for their measurements and stuff so you can size it out, but they don't really have a "standard" sizing.
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I've bought a few dresses from MC that have fit my 36 F-G tits just fine, but the rest of my body is in proportion to my tits--I wear a 2x or 3x in most of their brands. Button up anything is going to be out of the question.

FWIW, their return process is easy and painless.
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Best answer: Hi! I work at ModCloth, so I hope I can help. We do indeed get our clothes from a wide range of designers, who (because women's fashion makes no sense in a lot of ways) all use their own sizing standards. Many (but not all) of our items are on juniors sizing, which tends to run smaller. User reviews are super helpful in knowing how stuff will fit, but particularly with a large bust, fit is likely to be an issue. I strongly urge you to get in touch with our utterly fabulous Customer Care team. You can Live Chat from the site, send an email, or call them an 888.495.9699. They have access to measurements for the items and are fit specialists. I bet they'll be able to help.
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I'm top-heavy and have had hit or miss luck with ModCloth. They do sell many different brands from different places so it's really going to be dependent on the designer you are buying from ModCloth. I'm very tall (5'11") and size-wise, I am much smaller in my hips and waist than in my bust, so I can be difficult to fit. I love so many of their dresses, but sadly, some are not cut for my bust, no matter how much I size up.

If you like pin-up style dresses, I have to give a nod to PinUp Girl Clothing Their dresses and tops fit busty girls like a dream!
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Best answer: Also, mollymayhem is right on in terms of looking toward the larger sizes as opposed to the junior-sized S/M/L itmes. You can use the sort by size feature to find extended sized items. The really classic, retro styles are more likely to to fit a busty gal. And we do have free returns and exchanges.
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I'm a 32FF. I've ordered only one dress from ModCloth. The dress fit fine, but it went back because it was too poorly made for the price. I'm 5'2" and can wear 8 or 10 depending on the manufacturer. I'm happy to hear here that they sell multiple designers; I might actually look there again.
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Best answer: I am a 34H and I am currently wearing an awesome dress from Modcloth! It's definitely doable of you check the listed measurements and only buy things with reviews. I use both of these to determine if something will fit me and/or how far off from my normal size I need to go.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone for your help! Of course, the 3 dresses I really want don't have reviews. But I'll try mostlymartha's suggestion and call customer service tomorrow morning.

I REALLY want these dresses.
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Good luck with the dresses! Also, feel free to pop by @ModCloth on Twitter with questions, to say hi to me, or to share a picture of yourself in an awesome new dress.
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