I want the iPad3!
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I've been waiting for the new iPad 3 but I've never bought an Apple product when it first comes out. What is the usual procedure? Can I pre-order online March 7 after the announcement so I get it the day it is released or will I be forced to stand in line the day it comes out? Standing in line may not be possible depending on work...
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Definitely pre-order online. I did for the 4S and it showed up, like clockwork, on launch day. You can track it's progress directly from the factory in China as well.
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Response by poster: thank you for the quick response. This is a reward to myself for various reasons and I can't get it quick enough!
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Just be prepared for technical difficulties with online ordering, as the strain on the servers is sometimes too much even for Apple to deal with...
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Re: naju's comment, if you have an iPhone (or iTouch) you should download the "Apple Store" app*. I used this to preorder my iPhone 4S and it worked pretty well as far fewer people use that route.

*this is not the same as the "App Store" app that comes with the phone.
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I had a friend who pre-ordered the iPad 1 and it came 2 weeks after it appeared in stores (although you had to line up in stores to get it). This was in Canada though, so not sure if that makes a difference.
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re:DDD's comment

yes, yes it does

the US has always been prioritized for shipments over any other territory
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Don't assume it will be available for pre-order. The original iPad was; the iPad 2 was not.
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When I pre-ordered my iPhone 4, it arrived the day before launch. I'm a fan of pre-ordering, if it's available.
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