How do you celebrate living an extra day that doesn't exist?
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What should I do today to celebrate Leap Day?

I want to do something interesting to celebrate it being February 29th! Ideally something I can (or should) do only once every four years, something that takes advantage of having this extra day beyond the bounds of normal time. Any ideas?
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Watch The Pirates of Penzance, which turns on a Leap Day Birthday.
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You should start a bamboo bicycle or some other botany project that takes about four years to grow.
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Wear something yellow and blue, and wait for Leap Day William to work his magic.
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I decided to celebrate by taking the "leap" part of leap day literally. As in, it's time to jump around, jump around, jump up jump up and get down. You could also go ahead and jump. Or perhaps you'd prefer to jump for my love?
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For Leap Day 2004, my wife and I decided to take the public transit in the city we lived in as far as we could go and spend the day there.

This was a pretty cool idea, except that it meant we spent the day in Kenosha, WI on a Sunday when everything was closed. I would totally recommend this if your public transit takes you somewhere cooler than Kenosha.
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You could leap from a plane. Not sure how far in advance you have to reserve a skydiving day, but it might be possible.

Being terrified of heights, I scrapped that plan and decided to spend a few minutes brainstorming all the things I've been wishing lately that I had time for, but never make time to do. Which is why I'm still in my bathrobe, cooking comfort food, and planning to watch some old DVDs over lunch!
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Do whatever you want, real life is for March.
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I like the idea of taking the day off from the world. It's an extra day - why not make it about recharging for the rest of the (four) year(s). No work, sleep in, eat a nice breakfast, go for a walk, read a book you've been putting off, rest and enjoy yourself.
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You could make right things which once went wrong?
(And hope that the next leap would be the leap.... home!)
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