Popular social bookmarks by topic in the post-delicious age?
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Is it still possible to discover popular social bookmarks by topic in the post-delicious age?

Back when delicious (the social bookmarking site) was delicious (like a tasty treat), you used to be able to get a listing of popular bookmarks by tag, so if you went to delicious.com/popular/cooking, you'd get a list of the most popular bookmarks that are tagged with "cooking", etc. I found this to be immensely useful for discovering new sites by topic that were already vetted by a bunch of people, instead of a fancy algorithm.

Since then my bookmarks have found a new home with pinboard, but unfortunately, it does not offer listing popular bookmarks by tag. Does anyone know if and where it is possible to discover popular social bookmarks by tag in the post-delicious age? Thanks!!
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Are you sure?

https://pinboard.in/t:graph/ gives me recent bookmarks with the tag "graph." I'm not down with all of pinboard's syntax, but that option does still exist.
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Best answer: Can't you do:

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I stopped using Delicious, but it looks like you can still get a listing of popular bookmarks by tag... for example: microfinance, or python+books.
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Oops, it looks like you only wanted to know about Pinboard options, and the question was already answered for that.

I use Pinboard too, but because the userbase is much more limited it's great for finding recommendations in some areas but not others.
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StumbleUpon is great for this. It's been around for years and has a huge user base, so going to StumbleUpon.com/discover/[tag] will get you some good stuff.

Also, to a lesser extent, Reddit. There are niche communities ("subreddits") for just about every conceivable topic (pinball, lacrosse, Lego, Pokemon, any city, any religion, any major media property, etc.). Finding a relevant subreddit and sorting by score will almost always deliver some really compelling links. You can usually find a subreddit by just going to [tag].reddit.com, though YMMV.
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Response by poster: Thank you so much! It seems that pinboard did inherit this feature of delicious, but it slipped past me. Thank you kindly to everyone!
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