Yo Dawg I Put a Mario Bros Inside Your Super Mario Bros
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SuperMarioBrosFilter! Which version of Super Mario Bros. (I believe on Super Nintendo, could be wrong, though) had the feature where you could also play a quick two-player game of Mario Bros.?

It was kind of a hidden feature; all I remember is that, when Mario and Luigi were in the the levels screen (where you pick which part of the level to play), if one of the players moved their character to where the other was and hit A or B, you'd be able to play a quick game of the original Mario Bros.
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Best answer: It was Super Mario Bros 3.
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Response by poster: Awesome, thanks!

Addendum Q, and really the reason for asking in the first place: Does anyone know if this feature is intact on SMB3 for Wii?
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Best answer: You activate the mini game by selecting a level that's already completed by the other brother. So if Mario completes 1-1, Luigi can go back and select that level to activate the mini game. Usually there's 5 enemies to kill, and the brother who kills three (or stays alive) wins. You can bump the playing card bonus item thingies out of each other too, by bumping from below.

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Best answer: In late 2007, Super Mario Bros. 3 was released via the Nintendo Wii's Virtual Console service, featuring the original graphics and gameplay of the NES version like other Virtual Console titles, it is actually the original NES ROM image running in an emulator, and is thus identical to the original.

Wikipedia seems to think so.
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Response by poster: Thanks, all!
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On the SNES, you would have been playing Super Mario All-Stars, which had Super Mario Bros. 1-3, plus the Japanese Super Mario Bros. 2.
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FYI, it looks like the Mario Bros game itself is also available for the virtual console.
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This may be slightly off-topic, but have you ever tried Super Mario War? It's kind of freakishly addictive, but requires a MAME box or hacked xbox or pc-tv connection with some USB gamepads to really get going properly. 4-way Mario Bros PVP with custom levels and powerups and editable sprites. Oooooh yeah!
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