Where can I buy an unlocked GSM cell phone in the US?
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What are some reputable sources in the United States for an unlocked GSM cell phone?

My Sony-Ericsson z600 is on its last legs and needs to be replaced. I don't want to get a carrier-locked phone by selling my soul to Cingular for another two years and, besides, they have only a limited selection of phones.

Where can I pick-up a new, unlocked phone in the States?
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I've happily purchased 2 Sony-Ericcson k700i's from www.plemix.com.

They're located in Washington state but the phones ship directly from China. I got them in about 2 days.

On the second order, the power adapter (220v -> 120v) was missing and they overnighted it to me after i emailed them.

They have a lot of models to choose from but some of them can get pricey but I was very happy with my phone and I recommend them highly.
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There are a number of sellers in the marketplace forum of Howard Forums. Some of the sellers are based in Canada, so you might want to check for that. The marketplace folks seem to be pretty respectable, there's a separate buy/sell forum that has had problems with scammers in the past. YMMV.

It's a huge phone-centric community who will be more than happy to give you lots of advice on which phone is best. :)
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http://www.myworldphone.com has the newest phones. All unlocked and GSM.
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Powersellers on Ebay work pretty well. Razrs, for instance, can be had for $300, including shipping. I don't know of any online presence that can sell that phone for such a low price.

Do some research on what phone you want, first...because going unlocked, your options are virtually endless. I've found Nokias to be extremely reliable, but aesthetically boring. Motorolas can be hit or miss. I loved Ericcson, when I had one. Take your time; it's a crazy cell phone world out there.
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T-Mobile will unlock your phone after you've been a customer for 90 days, and they offer 1 year contracts, if you're willing to sell your soul a little for a (possibly) free phone.
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I bought my Sony Ericsson K750i from MyWorldPhone.com, but I picked it up in person.
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Expansys: not cheap, but especially good for new models that aren't offered by the major US carriers.
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I purchased a phone and SIM card two years ago from here and took it to Spain with me. A year later I called and got a card for a trip to China. Both worked well in the phone that I purchased from them.
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I bought mine from GSMPhoneSource. At the risk of sounding like eBay feedback, they shipped it quickly and I had no problems with it...
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