Please help identify this key
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Can you help identify this key?

I am trying to make copies of our house key and so far not having much luck. Ace Hardware just refused; Home Depot made some keys but they do not work [The middle thingee is too wide, I think].

I am hoping if I can identify this key properly, I can tell the key-maker person which blank to use to ensure great success. Cheapest option that works wins the no-prize.



Thank you very much!
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Yale Locks is very much in business; they may be able to help you locate someone who has the blanks.
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Look at the key end-on and compare it's profile to the image Rodrigo Lamaitre linked. The other thing you need to determine is the number of pins in the lock. This image gives a proportional idea of how key length corresponds to number of pins.

Also, from the Yale Lock website, here's a list of authorized retailers in the US.
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Forget hardware stores, they suck at duplicating anything other than auto and Kwikset keys. You'll have better luck with a reputable safe and lock outfit.
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Looks like the key to a screen door -- a mesh-work door that is outside the proper door.
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Seconding Jayder on finding a locksmith to make duplicates. They've probably got a wall or a huge set of drawers with pretty much every key you can imagine. Plus, locksmiths generally back up their work -- I went to my locksmith to get a bunch of duplicates for the padlock on our garage, and when a couple didn't work I took them back and they reground them until the key worked, for free.
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Response by poster: Couldn't get a good pic of the tip, but based on the image Rodrigo posted, this is a Yale Y13 5 pin. Thanks all!
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By the way I would be cautious about posting pictures of keys on the internet; they could be used to make a key that would fit your lock. I'm not sure how easy it would be to get your address knowing your MeFi account, but better safe than sorry.

I've heard of a locksmith who reconstructed a key from an x-ray image of one that had been swallowed.
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