How do I get rid of a weeks old compacted half-and-half stain?
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How do I remove this crusty, smelly half and half stain from my carpet?

Okay, so a while ago, I had a bottle of half-and-half in a mini-fridge. The bottle got knocked over, and spilled half-and-half all over the fridge.

I cleaned up the inside of the fridge. Because I never use the fridge, I did not notice that the half-and-half pooled underneath its door.

So now it is more than a month later, and I have this really crusty, smelly, cream infused spot on my carpet. And no idea how to get it out. I've tried all purpose and pet-stain spray cleaners, but they were inneffectual. This piece of carpet was soaked - its really solid. I think the weight of the door pressed down, compacting the cream into the carpet.

Can you help me, Me-Fites? What do I do to get rid of this gross stain?
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Try Spot Shot. Hope it works for you!
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Can you rent a carpet/furniture steamer from anywhere?
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oxiclean has worked on carpet stains i was convinced were permanent. in fact, it worked so well that the affected area became noticably cleaner than the rest of the carpet and thereby caused us to clean the entire carpet with it, so watch out - you might be giving yourself a bigger project than you expect.
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Seconding the recommendation to use oxiclean, as well as the caveat that it will clean so effectively that the rest of your carpet will likely need cleaning. Also, I HEARTILY (without irony or embarrassment) endorse the use of the ShamWow whenever using a liquid carpet cleaning product. Apply product according to package directions, then use a ShamWow at the end to remove all traces of leftover cleaner/wetness/stain from the carpet. I have an adorable orange tabby cat with a not-so-adorable proclivity for barfing on the carpet, so... I know whereof I speak.
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I used to get milk related stains on my carpet a LOT when my kids were babies. A pet stain remover like Nature's Miracle was my go-to.
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I Was able to get to the bottom of carpet stains by applying cleaner, letting it soak and then scraping the stain/foam away to the bottom of the pile of the carpet with a spoon. It really works.
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