Help Us Entertain Our Kids in Vegas!
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What awesome fun things can we do with our small children in Vegas?

We are taking our first family vacation to Vegas, and want to know what great things there are to do with kids who are ages one and three. I've been doing my research and have found lots of things that look like they'd be fun, but there is a LOT, and it's sort of overwhelming. So, what awesome things did you do with your small kids in Vegas? What shouldn't we miss?
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Lions at the MGM Grand (perhaps too scary, but I don't think so).

Fountains at Bellagio (if they are awake at night).

Lazy River pool at Mandalay Bay.

But who are we really kidding? At one and three, they will like lights at night, palm trees, noises and lights observed from the edge of the casino, buffets, running in long carpeted hallways, using a remote control in the room, jumping on beds.
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It's hard to say what they'll think of it, whether this would be overwhelming, but I'd say Fremont Street in Downtown Vegas. Spectacular light-screen overhead, plus a noisy light-show on the hour-- that may be a bit much.

Maybe take them on the tram that goes up the strip; you can see a lot of strip without actually getting down on it.

And I seem to recall that Caesars has some amazing aquaria in its Mall area, and there was some kind of hourly show related to that as well.

Enjoy your trip, and keep everyone hydrated!
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Las Vegas Springs Preserve--it's not oriented to really small kids, but it's nature and outdoors.
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Down at Fremont St, there's a bunch of people wandering around in crazy outfits looking to get people to take pictures with them, ranging from a classic "showgirl" outfit to video game characters.
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Inside or outside? What time of year? Do you already live in/near a desert? These are the important questions.

I'd probably do:
* Shark Reef in Mandalay Bay
* Top of the Stratosphere in the evening - best view of the city. If they can sit still any length of time, the Top of the World restaurant there rotates, and lunch is reasonably priced (dinner is way overpriced, though)
* Red Rock driving loop (if you have a rental car and aren't from the desert already)
* The Venetian (kids like the indoor canals)
* Bellagio Fountains/Mirage Volcano

Like others have said, kids that age might really like just wandering Fremont Street.
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Almost forgot: Bonnie Springs out past Red Rock has a pretty cool petting zoo and an Old West show.
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Go see the desert

Lake Mead beach
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And I seem to recall that Caesars has some amazing aquaria in its Mall area, and there was some kind of hourly show related to that as well.

Yes, it's this crazy corny thing about Atlantis and it is kind of secretly mesmerizing. (I am in favor of wacky corny things happening in Vegas hourly.) It is also free and in the middle of the mall, so if they get bored and wander off, no big deal.
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The free outdoor pirate show has gotten a bit racier, I see, since we were there. Parental guidance is suggested now. Hmm.. well, you'd know if they're up for it or not.
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The pirate show is now scantily clad chicks gyrating, and I think it still includes the scary explosions. It also draws big crowds. I don't think it'd be fun for/with toddlers.
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I took my son to vegas when he was 7. Basically we went to the hotels that had arcades and played games, did the outdoor pirate show, Fremont Street, and the indoor amusement park, but by far his favorite thing was the Mac King Magic Show
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The Mandalay Bay shark reef and the Dolphin Habitat at the Mirage were hits with my friends with kids, and fun for adults too!

The pirate show is awful, sort of racy, and super crowded - don't bother.
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This is going to sound weird, but when we went to Vegas (with kids almost exactly that age), we immediately found one of those people in the lobby of the hotel who would give you, like, a $100 gift card for dinner if you'd go look at their time share. It was about a half a day, got to go on a bus ride out to the place in the desert, got to tour the construction and the apartments, got donuts and juice. Low-rent red carpet treatment, which the kids loved. At the end we thanked them for the nice ride, had another donut, then pocketed the gift card and went back to the hotel to swim.
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