What corporate entertainment can I find in Austin, TX?
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Please help me find corporate entertainment for a banquet being held in Austin.

My company will be hosting an event in Austin for about 250 people, with meetings during the day and a reception/banquet at night. Most folks will not be bringing spouses. My boss wants us to have "entertainment" following dinner. I don't know what to look for since the only direction given is "something to do with music since it's Austin", I have about $2,000 left in the budget for this.

Entertainments we've done in the past with success: dueling pianos, luau (in Hawaii), trivia

Entertainments that have failed: dancers, brass band (in New Orleans), improv troupe, harpist

I feel that hiring some random band to play while the attendees sit in a ballroom watching them is awkward. We're not at a bar or other venue that lends itself to fun, folks are with their coworkers in hotel ballroom. The venue is set, so it cannot be moved.

We've had dueling pianos the last two years and have been asked to do something different. Any recommendations?
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Portable laser tag? Photo booths with novelty/greenscreen photos? Rock Band tournaments? Casino party? Pinball machines? Combo of a local band and performance bartenders?
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Best answer: I've had great success in this environment with a high-energy pub quiz, with silly prizes given after theme rounds and then big prizes for winners. I know you said "trivia" but if you haven't already, it can be made into a real event.
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casino night. there are companies that will come in and set up table games for cheap. they get around the labor charges by asking for volunteers to man the games. they give about 20 minutes of instruction to the "dealers", then you're on your own! it might not sound like it would be "fun" to be stuck behind a table all night, but some people really get into be a dealer.
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Country band with dance instruction. Show everybody how to line dance and boot-scoot and two-step and commence to carouse!
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions! I really like the pub quiz idea, I'll look into that.
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