Any actual unscented lotions?
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Does anyone know of a truly unscented hand lotion? Not "fragrance free" or what's typically sold as unscented (no scent added, but the ingredients still smell), but a lotion with literally no scent?
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No odor whatsoever? That doesn't seem likely. Even totally or largely unadulterated products like shea butter or cocoa butter have smells. And oils, which you can use as moisturizers, do have faint odors.

But you might find something on this fairly exhaustive list.
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You might try looking at sporting good stores. My brother-in-law uses no-scent products like this before going out deer hunting.
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Vanicream is excellent and is truly unscented. I use it daily and can't smell anything.
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As far as I can tell, Cetaphil Cream is as close to no-scent as you can come.
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It isn't completely non-scented, but grapeseed oil (you can buy it at a health food store) has almost no smell.
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I use Trader Joe's A Midsummer Night's Cream and I don't notice an odor at all.
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This stuff right here from CVS is absolutely amazing, and has no scent that I can ascertain (as someone who can't use most lotions because they give me a headache after half an hour or so).
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Complex 15 is literally odorless. Not just fragrance free.
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2nd Cetaphil Cream. I can't detect any smell at all.
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Have you considered just making your own hand lotion? There are lots of good recipes out there and you can control what goes in. That's one thing we make at home for that reason. We have an easy recipe if you'd like to try it.
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Get thee to an apothecary and ask for a tub of aqueous cream. It's very cheap, and it's pretty much odourless, at least by the time you rub it in. Not really suitable for people with eczema though, despite the fact that it was often prescribed for it in the past. As a bonus, you can also use it as a soap substitute.
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Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture for Sensitive Skin is marketed as a facial lotion, but you could use it as a hand lotion. It's the most scent-free product I've ever used.
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There are a variety of medical grade lotions they use at hospitals that have minimal ingredients and no scents. I can't think of any right now but my sister has purchased several large bottles from some laboratory in Texas that makes lotions for hospitals. She loves the lotion because it works and doesn't cause any skin irritation. Completely odorless..
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I don't smell anything when i use Eucerin aquafor
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i share your pain. i really do. i have tried a ton of fragrance free and unscented bullshit only to get them home to find there is indeed a fucking fragrance and it's usually lavender or some flower fucking shit. i also have the same problem with deodorant, so if you've solved that problem, lemme know.

anyway. some stuff i have had luck with recently:

it does have a smell, though an incredibly mild one that fades super fast, and it absorbs really quickly, and it really does last through a handwashing AND it's really cheap with amazon subscribe and save: Aveeno Active Naturals Intense Relief Hand Cream with Natural Colloidal Oatmeal

this was also pretty close to smell free, but wasn't quite moisturizing enough for winter for me: Alba Botanica Very Emollient Body Lotion, Unscented

do you want it for face, body, hands?

this stuff above is for my hands/body. i use some chemically neutrogena stuff for my face. but it's pretty scent free too. but, i can't remember what it is off hand.
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ah, the neutrogena that neushoorn links to is the stuff i use. decent for face, pretty scent free. people rave over aquaphor for some reason. i hate it. it's pretty much vaseline, and you can get vaseline for a lot cheaper. and that doesn't smell.
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I use the Aveeno hand cream that misanthropicsarah mentions, and I love it. I tend to be very sensitive to scenty stuff, but this is one of the only lotions that doesn't cause me problems. Plus the "non-greasy" claim is actually pretty true, which is a must for me. I wish I could get a larger container of it for less, because I would use it everywhere if I could afford to.
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Unscented glysomed.
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I also can't use any lotion/soap with any fragrance unless I want a splitting headache.

I use Borage Dry Skin Therapy by Shikai. It's simply fantastic! There's a very slight odor, but it's hardly noticeable (and I've got a nose that knows!) and fades really quickly.

Plus, I've notice that my hands are way less dry than normal and don't have to use it as often as I've had to use other brands in the past.
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Spectro. All it has is active ingredients.
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Cetaphil. I am very sensitive to fragrances as well, and it's the best for scent-free and also for not leaving a greezy feeling on my hands. Vanicream is good, but has a slight scent and also feels too moisty. This is one of the things I'm extremely picky about and my eczema means I have to use it frequently. In summary, Cetaphil is the way to go.
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Johnson's Baby Oil? (a.k.a. mineral oil)
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Cetaphil if you want something thick like a cream, and California Baby Super Sensitive if you want something lotion-y.
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OMG, Johnson's baby oil REEKS. Even their "sensitive skin" version.
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I just sniffed the Eucerin original on my desk and I can't smell a thing.
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I really like Jergens unscented moisturizer, as it is a bit thicker than Cetaphil lotion (my previous goto) for hands, legs, etc. It also has the advantage of being truly hyperallogenic - so you can use it on eyelids and scraped knuckles.
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