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I would like a thing (greasemonkey script, add-on, bookmarklet, etc) which will let me easily add events to my Google calendar from within Firefox.

I'd like solutions for 2 cases:
1) A lot of sites (particularly airlines and other travel sites) offer itineraries in ical or vcs format. Currently I have to download the file, and then open up Google calendar, and then import the file. This is tedious, especially when there is more than one file (as is often the case with flight itineraries). Is there a way to just click on the .vcs link and have something automatically import it into my calendar?
2) Sometimes I'll see an event posted on a site with the date and time and location. I would like to highlight the information, and click on something (a button, something in the context menu, etc), and voila! added to my calendar. Or it could be something that looks for events in the page (like how gmail looks at my email and tries to figure out if it contains an event, and then offers to add it to gcal). I've tried a couple Greasemonkey scripts that purport to do this, and they don't work great. But there are a LOT of scripts that say they can do this -- I haven't tried them all, have you? Do you have a good one? Even if it only works kinda?

I think at least #1 should have an easy answer...
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I use TripIt. You can forward hotel and airline reservation emails to them and they'll keep track. You can add their calendar to your google calendar. It works well in its domain. I've never forwarded a receipt that wasn't properly interpreted. It will also do Opentable reservations.

And if you use gmail, you won't even have to forward anything. You can just give Tripit permission to monitor your inbox.

They have a mobile site which is helpful for accessing confirmation numbers and addresses while on the move.
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If you are on Windows you can open the file in Outlook and then let Google Calender sync get it to your Google Calendar in the background.
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Response by poster: Oh, boo. I really thought technology would have advanced to the point where there would be a way to automatically import ical files into Google calendar (I think the smartphones can do it, why not my computer?). I'm not on Windows. I'll look at TripIt for my travel needs!
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