Surely there are less expensive kitchen drawers!
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I'm trying to add drawers to my inconveniently deep kitchen cabinets. After hours of searching online, I finally found some that matched my desired dimensions, and look sturdy.

These are perfect:big one, small one, medium one. However, before committing to a purchase, I would like to know I've found the best price. Now my google failures are really apparent. Can you recommend similar products at a lower price? Or perhaps different sources for the same product? I'm open to alternate suggestions to solve my deep-cabinet problem, as well.
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Those appear designed to be screwed to the bottom of the cabinet, so you get one pullout per cab. Are you okay with that?
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Best answer: Here they are at The Container Store for lots less money.

I personally have these in my kitchen drawers and they are AWESOME. Very heavy duty/high quality. I loooooove them!!!
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Best answer: I also have some of these elfa ones. They're also great. The chrome kind are a lot heavier and good for super heavy pots & pans, appliances, etc. I keep smaller pots and pans in my elfa ones. They come with or without liners and in wire or mesh.

Your deep cabinets will accomodate the regular-sized elfa drawers, but you can also get cabinet-sized ones for less-deep cabinets.

These items have changed my life in many a kitchen!
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Sigh. In my excitement, I accidentally said "drawers" when I meant "cabinets" in my first post. Feel free to memail me if you have more Qs. I love talking kitchen organization!
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I purchased something similar from one of the big box hardware places, except mine was a double-decker (two slide-out shelves). On the whole, it's a good solution, although it's not the most efficient use of space (the framework on the sides gets in the way of pot handles and stuff).

If I were to do it again, I'd just order custom*, low-slung drawers (sans faces) and slider hardware. Perhaps slightly more costly, but if you measure right and can handle mounting the hardware, it's a more elegant fix.

*Such as from here, where I ordered custom drawers, cabinet doors, and drawer faces for the kitchen refresh we did last, last spring.
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I put these Rev-A-Shelf's in my sisters cabinets, she loves them. I spent a little more at Lowes because they had full extension sliders.
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