Mystery limousine...
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What is this (vintage luxury limousine) car? We're guessing Rolls or Bentley; would be ideal to find out exact model and year.
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It's a Daimler, I think; they had that boot detail.
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That looks like a Rolls-Royce Phantom V, specifically a James Young PV23. Mind you, almost all of the 500 or so Phantom Vs built were unique, designed by various coachbuilders including James Young, Mulliner, etc, so finding the exact model year will be tricky. But late 60s.
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Here's another James Young Phantom V - the rear quarterlight window is more rounded and less angular than the previous linked car.
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Best answer: Google Image search found the same photo on this page calling it a 1964 Rolls Royce Phantom V James Young Limousine.
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From my dad, a vintage car expert:

"This is a very late Phantom V 22, perhaps 23, James Young Rolls Royce, vintage early to mid 60s. 215 PV 22s were built, not all of this body type. Only 15 PV 23s were built. PV 22s first showed up in 1959 at several shows such as Earls Court. The PV 23s showed at Earls Court in 1965 but lasted only two years. James Young folded in 1967."
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Response by poster: fantastic info, thanks muchly to all!
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