How to build ecommerce website from scratch?
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Ecommerce starting out - 1. Can anyone suggest the best way to do a highly custom ecommerce web site? 2. I know there is Drupal, but haven't really seen any example Drupal sites that impress me. Is it possible to build a "from scratch" custom web site and still integrate ecommerce? Thanks so much for your help and opinions!

Ecommerce starting out - We will be looking to shift gears from our Shopify Website to a really customized ecommerce website. I have done light web development before and would like to spearhead this endeavor knowing I have lots to learn. PHP, MySQL, Javascript, HTML5. My decision on this is with the mindset that it has to be a very polished and dynamic website with coverflow whether done with flash or javascript. Thanks so much for your help and opinions!
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You could look at foxycart. It handles the cart functionality and works on a custom cart.

Have you looked at something like WooCommerce?
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Best answer: I would probably recommend starting from an ecommerce framework you can customize than a CMS with ecommerce shoehorned in.

PHP - Magento
Ruby - Spree (Ruby on Rails)
Python - Satchmo (Django)

Each has its particular advantages and drawbacks. Ruby and Python developers tend to be more high quality but will come at a cost (developers are expensive) but chances that the code and app are more robust and secure. PHP developers are easy to find and may be cheaper but the quality can be all over the place.
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Best answer: We use Lemonstand to build all of our Ecommerce sites, it works really nicely out of the box and is also highly customisable.

There is a one-off upfront cost for 200 CAD for the ecommerce licence, but you can play around with a developer licence for free to see if it suits you.
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Response by poster: Thank you everyone for your help! I am now looking into Adobe Business Catalyst as an option as well!
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