Where's Jack Vance?
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Where can I send a letter to brilliantly underrated science fiction and fantasy author Jack Vance?

I'm just looking for an street address. Or even an email address, I suppose.
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Maybe ask someone at the SFWA?
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Don't know about him, but I've had success reaching authors by writing to their publishers and asking my letter be forwarded.
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I google around a little and it seems he lives in Oakland. There are a few Jack Vances listed in the whitepages, but there's no guarantee that he's one of them. His publisher (or agent) might be your best bet.
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Best answer: Vance has published most recently (Lurulu, 2004) with Tor/MacMillan. There contact page is here.
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Definitely send your letter to his publisher--forwarding fan letters is something they routinely do.
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(or rather, their page is there).
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Keep in mind when you compose your letter that Jack is blind and will probably have someone reading it to him.
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So far as publishers go, he was actually published by Subterranean Press most recently - they put out his memoirs two years ago.
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Place your letter in a regular envelope, add postage and write Mr. Vance's name, leaving room for someone at the publisher to write in his address. Put that envelope into a larger envelope and mail it to the publisher.
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Response by poster: Thanks for your help, folks. I got a signed book back from the man himself.
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