Should I be wearing glasses couch surfing?
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Myopia: Is focusing on web browser text on a LCD screen about 8 feet away from me making things better or worse?

I'm 40, male. About a year ago I got an eye test. They said I have pretty good vision for my age, but some mild myopia / short-sightedness. They suggested that I could probably get some glasses for driving at night, or when I want to focus on things a long way away, such as at sporting events in big stadiums.

They also said that I shouldn't yet wear glasses constantly, as it would make my eyes "lazy" and make things worse.

I haven't (yet) got any glasses.

I've recently moved into a new place, and am now running my computer through my 32" LCD screen which is about 8 feet away from the couch. I blow up the font size in the web browser to a comfortably readable size.

But I'm wondering, given the fact that they warned me against using glasses too much, should I be wearing glasses when I'm using the computer this way? Is it causing me harm, or is it "exercising" my eyes and slowing the onset of more severe myopia?
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They also said that I shouldn't yet wear glasses constantly, as it would make my eyes "lazy" and make things worse.

I'm wondering who the 'they' is who told you that, because it's plain misinformation. Myopia is a function of the curvature of your eye's lens. Wearing glasses (or not) will have no effect on this. Nor will sitting too close to or too far from a screen (or reading in poor light, or any of the other "you'll ruin your eyes" wives tales.)

(I have a feeling the real reason they told you not to wear glasses all the time is because you don't actually need the glasses they want to sell you, and wearing overcorrective lenses for long periods can cause headaches etc. )

At your age mild myopia is unlikely to get worse over time; if anything your vision will probably improve (most people get a little farsighted as they get older.)
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Unfortunately, the reason most people get a little farsighted as they get older is that the lens becomes less flexible, so the range of focus gets smaller. Though this usually causes blurring at close range, there is no gain in distance vision at the other end of the range.

Maybe your range is getting lopped off at the far end instead. Rare, I'd guess.
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I guess it is quite plausible that they just wanted to sell me glasses, however I do know when I put on a friends glasses, things like that sign on the other side of the street do appear clearer. But it's not something that effects my day to day life at this stage.

In context of my question, I guess I won't bother getting glasses just so I can continue to browse the interwebs from my couch. Thanks!
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