Looking for an idiotproof printer-scanner.
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Looking for a printer-scanner that is as simple to use as possible, to use with a Windows 7 laptop.

Hi all.

I'm trying to help a relative set up a home office. He needs a printer. He has a Windows 7 laptop (HP). He is completely new to the world of computers and so he needs something really easy to use. It would also be nice if it's not huge, but that's less important.

He will be using this printer to scan documents (like contracts) that are sometimes multiple pages, so something that automatically puts them into a single file would be reaaaaaaally helpful. The less steps, the better.

I know most printers come with really terrible software, but does anyone have recommendations on how to set him up?
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Best answer: If he's just doing black and white documents, get a unit that has a laser printer rather than ink jet. Much more reliable, faster, and the print isn't water-soluble.
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Best answer: Get a Brother Multifunction Laser/Scanner/Copier/Fax machine. They're cheap, virtually indestructible, and have automatic document feeders, which are a must for scanning multiple pages.
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Best answer: 2nding Brother multifunction machines. They have pretty standard drivers so you can use any imaging software. I really like Filecenter.

That said, the ADF on them (and most cheap multifunction devices) is pretty crappy.
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3rding Brother, and to keep it simple get the cheapest one, $49 or $59, for inkjet model, on sale at the office superstores. The print and scan quality is the same (and very good) as their more expensive models, just the features and controls are simplified. Plus, for Brother alone of brands, very inexpensive third party inks are available on ebay and other places. Very inexpensive meaning down to $1.00 a cart in a 12 pack.
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