Can stage curtains of unknown origin be tested to get certification of fire code compliance?
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Our school is being asked to remove the stage curtains to comply with fire codes, since we do not have documentation proving they are fire safe. Rather than buy new curtains (gulp), is there a way to send a piece of the fabric out for testing and to get back the necessary fire code certification? I'm in MA, if that matters. Thanks!

(posting in home & garden because that seems like it might be the place most frequented builders and people who might know such things, hope that's okay. Law & government or eduction were my other choices, wasn't sure where my best bet would be.)
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I'm afraid there's not going to be a cheap solution, it's likely that the flameproofing has expired on your drapes. A quick search for "MA flameproofing" came up with these guys who claim to offer free estimates, they might be worth a call...
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I found you this site from a theater-supply company that seems to work with schools on projects like this (which I'm assuming means, they cut them a price break). I was actually searching for a way to actually fire-proof the curtains yourself, but they may be able to advise you not only whether it's possible, but do it for you in a more cost-effective manner.
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We have large drapes at my place of business that are pretty similar to stage curtains. We have to have someone come in annually (or maybe it's bi-annually, I forget) to treat them with a flame-retarding chemical and we get a certificate that we file with the fire department. In NYC it costs under a grand for a dozen large panels that are about 20' tall. You just need to look in the phone book or online for "flameproofing" and you won't have any trouble.
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DIY get some flamex and hire someone with a c-15 to go test them and get you a flame cert. Otherwise, there should be a flameproofing companies in your area.
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Cool, thanks everybody, I appreciate the help!
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