Is the name Jesus popular in languages beside Spanish?
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Is the name Jesus popular in other languages besides Spanish?
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If you allow "Joshua", it is.
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Isa (pronounced eesa) is the Arabic version and is alive and kicking in Muslim countries.
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'Issa', the Arabic version of the name, is a common first name for Arabs and Muslims.
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Sorry, tavegyl, didn't see your answer.
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Not popular exactly, but a few generations ago a lot of women in Portugal were named Maria de Jesus. Since 90% (I exaggerate for effect) of that generation was called Maria de X, they'd be known by their second name X even if the name X itself wasn't a proper name for women. So, I knew quite a few little old ladies who we called Tia Jesus, Dona Jesus, etc.

Jesus is also a (not rare at all) surname in Portuguese. Unlikely to be a man's proper name but not unheard of.

I'm assuming the pattern is not that different in Brazil or Portuguese speaking Africa.
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Concerning the topic of the propriety of using Christ's name as a given name and much, much more see this post on the ever-helpful Language Log as well as its comments.
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There's another Language Log post here about using gods' names in general with a lot of discussion of Jesus/Joshua/Josue naming practices.
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not jesus, but similar: my great great grandfather on my father's side was named christ.
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