Unusual wedding rings in NYC?
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Any suggestions for jewelery stores in the NYC area that have unusual wedding bands? The Clay Pot in Brooklyn is a perfect example of what we're looking for. Also maybe interested in vintage. Where should we go? Thanks!
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Check this out. My brother-in-law and his wife forged their own wedding rings here. Took them about a day, and they loved the experience. It was featured in the NY Times a few months later, so not sure how crazy it is now to get an appointment...
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Erica Weiner has many antique, often one-of-a-kind wedding bands.
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Catherine Angiel, 43 Greenwich Ave.
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I got my husband's ring at The Clay Pot! We snagged my own band at Fort Greene's Thistle & Clover, which carries rings by Bittersweets NY. I personally love the diamond and twig ring, and if I were a diamond-wearing person would have sprung for that. I wound up getting a gem-less band that looks like a twig and it's very pretty.

Other places that have cool, wedding-appropriate jewelry are Catbird in Williamsburg (the 5th Ave branch doesn't have as much jewelry), Fitzgerald, and NCH Studio in Boerum Hill.
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For vintage and estate, I can *highly* recommend Erie Basin in Red Hook and Doyle & Doyle in the LES.
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Looks like they might have moved, but when it comes to unique vintage jewelery in NYC, C'est Magnifique is Mecca.
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We're getting ours from etsy.com, fwiw.
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Love Adorned has some great different pieces as well.
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Seconding Fitzgerald. Got our engagement and wedding rings there, and everything is beautiful and unique. Michael and Hiroyo are also wonderful to work with.
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Seconding Catherine Angiel.
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Came here to say Catbird!
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