Alternative Nightlife in Seattle (March 4 - 8)
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Seattle evenings: March 4 - 8?

I will be in Seattle for a conference March 4 - 8. I will be staying at the Sheraton Downtown. My days (9-5 each day) will be filled with conference activities. I am looking for some interesting things to do with my evenings. I enjoy the arts, indie/alternative music, leftie political events, and interesting architecture.

I am looking for both specific events and places to look for events (blogs, arts calendars, indie music listings, etc.)

The last time I visited Seattle was approximately 20 years ago. It was a touristy visit (think Space Needle), and looking for something completely different this time.
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Make reservations to see the Gauguin exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum. Also March is Dine Around Seattle month. Great deals on many super restaurants. Use the Open Table link on the DAS site. There may be architecture tours available in the pm.
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Walk around the Capitol Hill neighborhood, & check out Elliott Bay Book Company. The U-District (near the University of Washington) has tons of restaurants (check out Agua Verde -- wonderful Mexican food on the water) and bars, many with live music. The student newspaper - The Daily - should have a listing of upcoming events/shows.

If it's nice out, catch sunset at Gasworks Park!
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The Stranger suggests things to do each night of the week (check back on, I think, the Thursday before your trip for that week's listings).
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Sorry, I don't think you should waste your time with Agua Verde. It is mediocre, and Seattle is not really renowned for its Mexican food. The food you should be eating here is seafood, Asian food, Pacific Northwest cuisine, and sushi. Also sweets and coffee.

The Stranger suggests is an awesome place to get event ideas. Remember to go beyond the main page—they usually have five or so suggestions for music events alone if you click through.

Be sure to visit the central Seattle Public Library, which has cool architecture. The Fremont neighborhood has lots of sweet public art.

Town Hall often has some lectures or readings that might appeal to a leftie.
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I'm more of a foodie than anything else, so I'll just focus on that - agree with skipping Agua Verde - mediocre at best, and not a great location.

If you're interested in a touristy thing, the Crab Pot, down on the waterfront, is fun - the seafood is only ok, but the atmosphere is great, plus there's an arcade with a carousel on that pier - and you can wander in to Ye Olde Curiousity Shoppe - definitely worth checking out.

There are also a huge number of amazing dim sum places - some in the International District (Honey Pot, Sun Ya, China Gate), but my favourite is O'Asian, in the financial district - very good stuff.

One other great place for seafood is Elliot's Oyster house - if you're an oyster fan, they have an amazing selection.
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