Help me remember an upsetting YA novel
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Help me remember a young adult novel I read as a kid. The main character was a teenage girl and there was an upsetting incident involving a kitten and a doormat.

From what I remember, the plot was mostly typical YA fare - high school drama, girl-on-girl bullying, family problems. Towards the second half of the book, when some social problem has been resolved and things seem to be looking up, something horrible happens. The girl skips and jumps down the steps from her front door, unaware that her kitten is sleeping under the doormat. She jumps on it and breaks its neck. This completely horrified me at the time and it still strikes me me as a particularly brutal scene to include in a YA novel. I'm curious to know what the book was so I can find out if it's really as upsetting as I remember.
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Is it (the Newbery Award-winning) It's Like This, Cat, by any chance? I remember a horrible kitten death in that book.
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Nope, that's not it, although I checked it out on Project Gutenberg and yeah, it's pretty upsetting. I'm fairly certain the main character in the book I'm thinking of was a girl, and the kitten was definitely under a doormat when it died.
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I'd be really interested in knowing what this book is so I don't read it. I'm an avid YA reader and love the gritty novels but an ending like that would ruin a book for me. Please post if you find out what it is so I can avoid it.
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