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If I cancel my Amazon account, how will it affect my kindle?

I want to completely cancel my account, for various reasons. I have two kindles registered to it. I have all of my books saved on a hard drive via Calibre, don't run any subscriptions, and have more books than I will ever need to read. And if I really, really want something that is only available via Amazon I can fire up an account to buy it.

So, is there anything I am missing? If I cancel my account will my Kindle implode or something? Is it possible to run a Kindle 'off the grid'?
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If I was going to do this I'd break the DRM on all my Kindle books & copy them elsewhere before I cancelled my account.

I think the Kindle will keep going, although if you cancel the account it's bound to you'll probably lose Whispernet access.
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It would unregister your kindles, which is what you would do if you were to transfer ownership. But that wouldn't affect how they worked, except for internet access. I never registered mine in the first place.
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If you're that worried, just turn off your wireless connections before you cancel your account. Then you can keep managing the Kindle via USB only.
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I've got wireless off on my kindle, and have never really noticed an issue.
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When you deregister the Kindle from an Amazon account it erases your "collections." (Though not necessarily the books themselves -- it erases the folders containing those books.)

As I remember it, the first time I deregistered a Kindle it erased my books (because they were inside "collection" folders). So I had to re-register and re-download my books. Then I got rid of "collections" and deregistered again, and THAT time my books remained on the device.

Deregistering also means you can't download sample chapters, though it sounds like that is not a big problem for you.
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I used an unregistered Kindle for a week [bought it from a pawn shop; couldn't register it because it had been reported lost/stolen]. It worked with Calibre just fine. There's a Calibre plugin to manage collections, which worked fine. Wifi worked fine, though of course I couldn't register it or send anything to it via the net.

I would imagine your Kindle would work like mine did.

I ended up returning it for a replacement, but it did seem to work fine for that week.
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I just acquired a Kindle from a family member. They had an account with Amazon and had purchased books mostly. I registered it as mine with no issues and even created a new Amazon/Kindle account for just this. So far, the books that were already there have stayed, but of course, I have no access to the old account.

I even know the previous Amazon account is still open as I spoke with the family member and advised them to close it if they are not going to use it anymore.
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