Where to look for jobs online?
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Living abroad and job searching in the USA (CA Bay Area, to be specific): what job-listing websites should I be browsing regularly, or where else should I look online to find job postings?

I'm just starting a job search for the Bay Area, for positions starting this summer. I'm going to be researching orgs/companies in my field directly, but are there good online job-listing resources out there that might provide some leads? I feel silly just looking at craigslist and careerbuilder. Broadly, I'd love to find a job in "the arts", dance, museums or education; my experience being largely in environmental education. And, yeah, I know I'm pretty much not going to find anything anyway, but guess I gotta try!
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Opportunity Knocks
LinkedIn (I was contacted about two ed-related jobs through LinkedIn last summer.)
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Edjoin for jobs in education. Use advanced search to search by location, job title, etc.
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Definitely Indeed

Higheredjobs for jobs in, well, Higher Ed.

You don't mention specifically what your field is. Whatever it is, there are probably email lists dedicated to it and often those have highly targeted ads for jobs. And they're a good place for networking, too.
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Make sure your own Linkedin profile is up to date, detailed and 100% accurate. Recruiters will be looking.
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And if you want a job in the bay area, put that as your location so you'll come up in recruiter searches (but explain up front in your profile that you are relocating and looking for roles there; don't misrepresent.)
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