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Help me conquer the world (or at least my world) via music.

There is some powerful, uplifting, and sometimes angry music out there that for one reason or another really motivates me. Can you help me come up with others?

Here are examples of what makes me feel like I can conquer the world:

Amazing Grace by SHANNON (especially around the 1:30 mark)

Scotland The Brave by SHANNON

Wild Child by Enya (please don't watch the video)

Tonight and The Rest of My Life by Nina Gordon

Rejoice by Il Divo

Sad But True by Metallica (uplifting, maybe not)

One by Metallica

Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri

Empire of Dirt by Johnny Cash

I've noticed that I really dig songs that build up.
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macy in the world

dj earworm stairway to bootleg heaven or 'no one takes your freedom'....well a lot of his stuff, actually, u might quite like...

muse...butterflies and hurricanes
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Response by poster: Another way to describe the way some of these songs make me feel - alive.
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You want Avicii. Levels.
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You want Dead Can Dance
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Best answer: Also, Sigur Ros
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Empire of Dirt by Johnny Cash

FWIW, the song is called "Hurt," and it's a Nine Inch Nails cover. (Watch the whole thing through to the end -- totally worth it.)

Anyway, judging from all the other stuff on your list, Jane Siberry.
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Response by poster: d'oh - I knew that Sys Rq.

::feeling silly::
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The band you are looking for is Sleigh Bells.
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State of Independence.
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