Estate lawyer in GTA?
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Estate lawyer recommendation in GTA (esp. Etobicoke or Mississauga)? Details inside.

My father-in-law just passed away. Although he had been ill for a little while, he and my MIL (his common-law wife) had made no plans for this eventuality. My FIL was estranged from his family, so the three of us (my MIL, my husband, and me) are the only ones in the picture as far as making arrangements etc. My husband and I have no idea what to do, and would like recommendations for a lawyer in the Toronto area and/or general advice.

Some details (complications?) about my FIL:

- He had no savings and no insurance
- My MIL doesn't don't know if he had a will
- Decades ago, he fled to the U.S. to avoid paying child support to his first wife (my husband's mom) and income tax
- He's been back in Canada for several years but all of their collective bills and documentation, etc. are either under my MIL's name or (my husband suspects) under an alias
- He ran his own business so he would not have been paying into his CPP

Thanks for any advice and recommendations.

throwaway email:
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Evelyn Huber and Joost Heersche are partners based in Orangeville and are excellent.
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