What Spanish speaking country should this CELTA grad work in?
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Follow up to this question… I'm going to have my CELTA in two weeks and want to teach English in a Spanish speaking country…where should I go?

I'm an American so I know Spain is out of the question and I understand I'm not going to be making Japan/Korea/Middle East money, but I wanted to know what y'all thought. I've read a ton of stuff on Dave's ESL cafe but everyone there seems so cynical, it's hard to see what the best option is. I have a BA and I'll have the CELTA in two weeks. I enjoy cities, travel, music, and hiking. I'm interested in learning Spanish and, of course, more money is a good thing. I'm more interested in South America, but if the pay is significantly better in Mexico or elsewhere, I'd be interested to hear. Ideally, I'd like to find a job before I go down there and get a legal visa, but I'll do what I have to.

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Best answer: I very easily got a job teaching in Colombia after I got my CELTA, and it paid well (I saved money, and they paid my lodging and round-trip airfare). From what I have heard, Colombia pays better than most countries in South America. I was hired while living in the US.

MeMail me and I will be happy to provide details.
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Well, I did warn you about Dave's in my answer to your previous question. There are a few good people there if you look very hard, but it's not the place to get a balanced view of what it's like to work in a country. I gave up reading it about ten years ago when I found myself arguing with people who believed there was no value to in-service training...

Again as I said in my previous answer, the difference between employers in a particular country is generally greater than the differences between the general working conditions in similar countries. So my advice to you would be to head for the country where you can find the best job. Look for somewhere that requires teachers have a CELTA, that is concerned over your lack of teaching experience, that checks in the interview whether you're able to cope with living in a foreign country and which has a solid teacher development programme. Perhaps you won't be able to job-hunt in every Spanish-speaking country at the same time, but you can certainly keep a few irons in the fire.
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Chile seems to have a good economy at the moment.
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