What are some radio shows/podcasts/TV shows by funny tough guys?
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What are some radio shows/podcasts/TV shows by funny tough guys? (Repeat of this question, 5 years later.)

I asked the above question 5 years ago and got some great replies. Since then, I've found some new ones:

- The Russell Brand Show
- Mr. Chi City's YouTube channel
- The Joe Rogan Experience

What other shows/people are new in this genre?
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Adam Carolla, obviously. He has a whole network of podcasts aside from his main comedy podcast as well.
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WTF with Marc Maron is great
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Nobody does funny and grumpy and New Jersey like Tom Scharpling on The Best Show on WFMU.
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Oops, saw him recommended in the last thread.
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I'm nto going to expose myself any more than necessary to Russell Brand or Noel Fielding and I'm not sure how Brand qualifies asa "tough guy,", but they're basically the same person and I gather that Fielding has a show called "Luxury Comedy."

I don't think Doug Stanhope has a show or anything, but there's lots and lots of his standup on youtube and stuff.
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I think you want Mike Schmidt's 40 Year Old Boy. He had a ridiculous childhood and worked as a bouncer for awhile and still has a lot of his agressive tendencies and thought processes. His podcast are essentially long monologues about how the physical realities of being middle aged collide with having the thought process of child. Along the way these monologues spin off into story telling from his aforementioned crazy upbringing.
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Henry Rollins tends to waver between intelligent-angry and just regular angry, but he's compelling to watch / listen to either way. He had a talk show on IFC for two seasons, and you can see some clips from it by doing a Google Video search for "Henry Rollins Show". And here's a fan's YouTube playlist of some choice rants from his spoken word tours and other things. And in the process of answering this question, I've learned that he now hosts a show on KCRW in Santa Monica.
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