Consistent Volume on mac?
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How do I keep the volume on my mac consistent in apps other than itunes?

I like to stream movies on my TV thru my mac mini and often I have to adjust the volume 20 times during a movie because it gets so quiet I can't hear the dialogue and during action sequences, my ears start bleeding. I know in itunes theres a way to keep the volume consistent between songs but how to I do this through my chrome browser or general operating system?
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Sounds like your playing movies mixed for 5.1 surround on a stereo speakers, which does exactly what you describe. Try and see if the movie you're playing has a stereo option.
posted by empath at 3:00 PM on February 25, 2012

I'm pretty sure this app doesn't exist, but it sounds like a good idea! You would have to take control of the global output levels, but Im pretty sure that osx will allow that. This blog talks about something similar.
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The program mentioned in the blog post has a limiter, which is exactly what you want.
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