Mickey Mantle Tattoos
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Did Mickey Mantle have tattoos?

In this photo Jason Kottke posted to his blog from Life Magazine it looks like Mickey Mantle had sleeves (tattoos). Is this true or a distortion in the photo?
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The dark bit? That's an undershirt with the sleeves pulled up.
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If you are looking at what I think you are looking at, those are surgery scars. Some info here.
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All I see is fuzzy arm hair and shadows.
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Nope, just gigantic arms.

Another photo - arm & shoulder
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Response by poster: Referring to his forearm. But in looking at it, I'm almost certain it's blond arm hair. One of those bizarre perception problems, I suppose.
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In that era, tattoos were unusual and certainly not mainstream. Additionally, it's doubtful that the team's dress code would have permitted it (along with facial hair) unless it was a carryover from military service (the Navy in particular, but not exclusively).
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I've read Last Boy:Mickey Mantle and the End of America's Childhood and a tattoo is never mentioned.
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No way. Literally the only people that had tattoos back then were sailors and criminals.
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The photo doesn't look like tattoos to me, and echoing what others have said, tattoos, and especially sleeve tattoos, would have been unusual for this era.
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He's just got really hairy arms.
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If you put this in image-editing software of your choice and do a gamma correction, you will see only hair and flesh on the forearm. Nothing like a tattoo (although it's possible the surgery scars are visible; it's hard to tell).

Here's a rare example of a player from the era sporting a tattoo. As that blog post indicates, any ink would have also shown up in other photographs, but there was a tattoo taboo as late as the 1990s.
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