If you're going to drink the morning, you should probably have a snack too
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We are having a brunch reception following a church wedding - the groom and I will likely be delayed by 30-45 minutes by photos and greetings so we want to have some sort of cocktail hour. We have the drinks sorted out, bloody marys and a mimosa bar, along with tea, coffee, etc, but we are stuck on what to serve as a light, savory snack during that time.

We know we want mini muffins, but I would also like to have something not-sweet.

Complication - it can't require any prep work on the day of the wedding (it will be too early!) so it has to be served room temperature.

Also, the main meal will be a variety of sweet and savory pies and tarts (with salad and fruit) so I don't want to do mini-quiche as an appetizer (which would otherwise be a great option).

I need inspiration - any suggestions for prep-free food as a brunch appetizer?
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shrimp cocktail? cheese sticks? (the breadstick kind, not the fried kind) fruit platter?
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Mixes of those little Japanese rice crackers
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Ooh yeah and seconding bagel & lox, with capers, tomatoes, onions. Deeelish.
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Gougeres. They're little cheesy puffs of awesome, in a classy way.

Possibly deviled eggs? You could prep them the night before and store them in the fridge until it's time to go.
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Savory mini-muffins?
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Savory scones! (sorry, I love brunch foods, man!)
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How about mini finger tea sandwiches (white bread, no crusts): chicken salad, cucumber and cream cheese, smoked salmon, ham and butter.
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If you go with deviled eggs, just delegate someone to pipe the filling into the eggs on the morning of your big day. It keeps them from getting soggy/sticking to cling wrap/drying out.

I just put the yolk mixture into a ziplock bag for overnight in the fridge, then snip off a corner to squeeze it out.

Other suggestion - dips with veggies. There's a picture on pinterest of little condiment cups with a little dip in them and am assortment of veggie sticks. This prevents the need for serving spoons and lakes of dip on the day of.

Depending on the number of people, maybe an Edible Arrangements type of fruit thing? This might require more toothpicks than you want to see in the days leading up to your wedding.

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Some sort of scone/biscuit with cheddar. Like this.
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Enthusiastically seconding gougeres.
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I wouldn't underestimate the amount of prep work involved in finger sandwiches.

I love the gougeres option, especially if you get someone else (with sufficient baking experience) to bake them for you!
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I would not eat room-temp deviled eggs -- no way, no how. Bagels, lox, and mini-quiches sound great, though!
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Tip: gougeres sliced in half (or almost in half) make adorable, delicious sandwiches. They're so light that it doesn't need much inside - a folded slice of ham, a slice of salami, a little dollop of egg salad, cucumber/cream cheese spread. You could even put them out in a make-your-own arrangement.

Next-day gougeres are a little oily, not quite as ethereally puffy, but they're still pretty and delicious. Make some batches with a strong orange cheddar and others with a white cheese, it makes for a nice variation in color.
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Deviled eggs will be fine as long as someone takes them out of the fridge -- already prepped -- right before serving and plonks them on the table. I make mine the night before ALWAYS, since they're better the next day.

What about melon wrapped in prosciutto? Or asparagus wrapped in prosciutto? Or BOTH. Also, you could do a cheese plate.
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Seconding cheese straws. Haven't heard of gougeres before but they sound good too!
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Open sandwiches? Requires some prep but that can be done the day before.
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Veggies and/or pita triangles with hummus?
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hummus/carrots would be great. also, crackers and cheese. maybe deviled eggs?
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Olives, cornichones, cheese, and crackers. Choose the cheeese carefully for ease of use.

Knowing more about the venue would help- is there a fridge handy, do you have a trusted agent who can get in there and get a basic set-up going, etc.

Skip the fruit, it is there in the brunch course.
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Mini pot stickers or dumplings. Costco has them in bags (get the small kind), they are great and can be prepared ahead, just don't over cook them. Serve with a mix of soy sauce + sesame oil + Tabasco + chopped chives.

Shrimp on a stick - just put a couple of peeled boiled shrimp on a skewer, serve with cocktail sauce. You can get the shrimp precooked.
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Salted nuts
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Mini ham biscuits, preferably with Smithfield ham.
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Cheese straws. Or pimento cheese sandwiches. Or a few types of pickles - go beyond cukes & look at things like pickled watermelon rinds, etc. As you can probably tell, I'm southern, but there's a wealth of possibilities in traditional Southern appetizers. Many were designed with little refrigeration in mind and can be made ahead of time.
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Mini bacon scallion corn muffins, yum!
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