What's this craft paper called?
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Google-fu failure - please help me find this kind of craft paper!

I want to get some sheets of this kind of paper for some art projects I'd like to do. The original blog post describes it as "punch paper" and "punched paper", but when I search, I end up with a lot of 3-hole punch stuff and some simplistic scrapbooking things like scallops and edgers.

I'd like to buy sheets of the paper online somewhere - I might be interested in something that would allow me to make my own designs, too.
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Try searching for laser cut paper. Happy crafting!
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The blog post states that they just use card stock or other heavy paper and hand punch the design. Martha Stewart has a line of punches you can get at art stores or Michaels.
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If you go to any craft store- they have aisles of paper like that-it is technically for "scrap booking".

In terms of making something like that one your own, I have this AWESOME machine called a Silhouette Cameo- it is a cutting machine- it comes with software and you can make your own designs like the one in the blog post. It is expensive at $269- but I use it all the time for projects for fun and for my job as a school librarian.


It is a really incredible piece of equipment and I love it with all my heart. :)
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momochan, please check your meMail
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