I have a need for Swede.
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I love Kikki K diaries but convenience has led me to use Google Calendar instead. Is there some sort of magical combination of the two - an online browser-based diary with nice fonts and graphic elements that are designed to look cute / quirky / artsy, rather than computery and minimalistic?

Sync with iPhone would be ideal but it's not at all necessary. I want to be able to see 'week to a page' or 'month to a page', not just a list of items with dates attached. Does anything like this exist?
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Response by poster: Unless I'm missing something, Penzu seems to be a journal app, not a diary/planner.
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Sorry, I think I misunderstood you - I didn't realise there was a difference between a "diary app" and a "journal app" - do you mean you want something with a "quirky/cute" interface to plan appointments and events in advance like a calendar?
I don't know of any app like that, probably because those kinds of apps need to appeal to a very wide audience, most of whom will want to use them for professional reasons and so will want a clean interface. Sorry
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Response by poster: Yes, sorry, I mean something like the diary I linked to above, the kind used for planning rather than reflection!
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Best answer: I don't have any specific suggestions but you will have more luck searching for "cute calendar app" than "cute diary app". American English generally doesn't use the word "diary" that way.
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There's always Hello Kitty.
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Not nearly as cute as what you linked, but decidedly more attractive than just plain google calendar is Agenda.
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