Best site for displaying photographs
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Please suggest a better web site/blog for displaying my photos.

I'm still an amateur but am pretty passionate about it.

Currently I'm using Typepad but feel constrained by their presentation options. Here are my three galleries - feel free to browse and let me know what you think.

What site would be better for displaying photos in larger frames. On Typepad I'm constrained by width mostly causing my panorama shots to be sized down significantly.
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It wouldn't be hosted on your site, but would Flickr suit your needs?
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I'd recommend Gallery as the best solution if you want to host your photos yourself. It's free, easy to install and very powerful. The new 2.0 version is easily the most beautifully coded PHP-based Web application I've ever come across.

If you want someone else to do the dirty work of hosting your photos, Flickr is a good choice.
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I would use flickr, just bc, unlike killdevil, I find gallery to be hideous.
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I use Wordpress for my photos - it's a free content management system, and wonderfully customisable. I butchered the source code to make it do what I want, and I knew nothing about php.
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Stopdesign does really nice photo galleries using iPhoto and Movable Type, plus some MT plugins.
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The stock gallery skin is quite hideous, but there are some more minimal ones floating around, and it’s quite easy to make your own.
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folderblog autoindexes a given folder, no database needed. (Supports categories, commenting, post queueing, RSS, you name it.) If you know HTML, you can do basically anything with your template, or download some of the awesome alternative templates that people have been making.
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That first template link should go here.
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