iDont know why my Podcast feed doesn't work in iOS
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HELP! My podcast feed works fine on PC but won't work on iOS. Why?

The feed is XML and parses correctly. I've done podcast feeds for 6 years just like this and never had a problem I can tell. But if I subscribe through iTunes the podcast downloads fine. If I click "Play" in iTunes on the page (not subscribed) it plays. If I try to play or download on any iOS device (iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad all tested and failed) it says "This item is not available at this time."

I'm losing downloads by the minute can you help?

These are my links to my show but this is really troubleshooting, not advertising.

The podcast feed is

It is on iTunes at
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It doesn't validate. Fix those issues first.

- Looks like a lot of your issues are that XML tag names are case sensitive.

- Your itunes:image tags take an href attribute, not a text value.

- The content tag isn't RSS or iTunes

- The link tag isn't in iTunes, and in RSS it doesn't take attributes or act like you want

- I wouldn't worry about the warnings over width/height/too long of text data until you've solved the other issues.
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Thank you, it worked. I didn't realize several of those elements that I've used since I built my feed template in 2005 must have been deprecated or killed or never finalized. I fixed the errors and yep, sure enough, it worked. Thank you so much!
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n/p. Every programmer who's been around the block a few times will stop at first for weird HTML/CSS/XML Feed problems.

It's annoying that two products written by the same company handle validation errors like this differently. But that's how it goes.
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