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What is this machine appearing in a 1950 space exploration movie?

From the context, designing a rocket in an engineering office, I would assume that it's some sort of mechanical calculator or mechanical computer. I was hoping that the hive mind could confirm or deny that and give some more specifics - manufacturer, model, is this the same kind of thing as the 50s fire control computers from this MeFi post or maybe a more general-purpose machine?
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Best answer: Looks like a Differential Analyzer, used to calculate the trajectory of the moon rocket.
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I was completely unaware of starringthecomputer but now I'm going to have to spend part of my morning poking around there.
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Response by poster: Thanks Brandon!

Yeah, starringthecomputer from Brandon's link looks awesome. It gives other movie appearances for the GE Differential Analyzer. Wayback Machine archive of a web page about one. Google Books has the manual scanned but there's no preview of it right now, which is a shame since it's probably out of copyright. Wikipedia entry on Differential Analyser.
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I was unaware of it also, all I did was google "Destination Moon Computer", figuring that someone else had already asked that question. Starringthecomputer was the first link.
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Response by poster: Bah! I thought I'd tried that myself but I must not have. Oh well, at least your best answer stats are bumped up.
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