multi-alarm woman's watch
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My googling is inadequate. I need a woman's watch, a small one, with TWO OR MORE daily alarms, for a friend who needs reminders to take her medications. I'm hoping to find a watch that costs less than $30 (the only one I can find is $70)

I've googled enough to prove my skills are inadequate. Can anyone point me to a low-cost watch that won't look horrendous on a woman's wrist, and which doesn't cost a lot? (money is tight).
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I'm not sure if you consider this horrendous or not, but the Timex Ironman women's watch has 3 alarms. I got mine at Target for close to $40 but it looks like you can get it as cheap as $31 online. It's a sports-type watch so it may not be her style, but it's not large, and it's lasted me several years now. It also has a timer function in addition to the 3 alarms.
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I found this one with 5 alarms at Walmart, $24.00, available other places too and maybe for less. It's not particularly women's style but it could be OK.
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Go to Walgreens. This is what they are really good for.
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Alternate solution: If the person has a cell phone, they may be able to set up multiple alarms on the phone.
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Thanks! My friend doesn't have a cellphone so I've ordered the 5-alarm watch.
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