Tasty tex-mex for under 650 calories
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The 650 calorie Tex-Mex meal - how to do it? Is it possible?

I have a bet - I'm trying to make a killer Tex-Mex meal for under 650 calories.

I'm thinking that this kind of meal is my most likely target:

Carinitas (lean baked pork) on corn tortillas(not fried)
Borracho beans (lean pork) / refried
Fideo (tomatoey broth)

Would this work? Is there anything else that would work for this calorie requirement?
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Changing that pork to chicken or turkey would surely bring the calories down further.
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Chicken Tortilla soup can be low-cal and kick ass.
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It depends on how you define "killer" and how far you're willing to stretch food definitions. What makes Tex-Mex? Personally, I wouldn't call them carnival unless they were made with pork shoulder.

The best way to decrease caloric content is portion size restriction, by the way. Eat less of better food.
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Response by poster: As an added problem, we are in San Antonio - and these foods should stand up to authentic tex-mex foods - Turkey wouldn't really cut it - although granted it would lower the calories.
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Shredded chicken would be perfectly authentic and reduce the calories. I'm also not sure how liberal your definitions of Tex-Mex are, but you can make some insanely delicious fish tacos for way under your calorie target. It would be plenty authentic Mexican cuisine, but perhaps not what I'd think of as Tex-Mex.
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I make 400 calorie shrimp fajitas all the time (with onions, bell peppers and zucchini - Pappasito's style), which includes a Mountain Bread (sold at Whole Foods) or generic tortilla, which usually tastes much better. I mix the guacamole with non-fat yogurt, and pico de gallo has practically no calories in it. Skip the sour cream or mix it with yogurt.
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Seconding chicken or shrimp fajitas made with lots of veggies (onion, bell peppers, and zucchini are all traditional; some places around here also throw in sliced mushrooms), served with a warm corn tortilla, pico de gallo, and a couple of homemade salsas. Throw in some rice or beans if you've got calories left over.

Also, around here we're more than happy to eat green chile stew as a stand-alone meal. I doubt a good-sized bowl of that is 650 calories, especially not if you skimp on the oil (this recipe claims 549 calories per serving). Same goes for carne guisada and other saucy/stewy meat dishes -- the more liquid and onions and such, the more full you'll feel on fewer calories, and slow-cooking in broth will help keep things flavorful without too much calorie-heavy fat.
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Chicken pozole is one of my favorite low calorie dishes. Shredded chicken, hominy, chicken stock, green chiles, and spices. A big bowl will come in at less than 300 calories if you limit the amount of chicken that you use. That leaves you with plenty of room for the traditional condiments of shredded cabbage, lime, cilantro, onion, and even corn tortillas. Also chicken enchiladas are a good choice. Enchilada sauce is actually low calorie. Marinate the chicken and grill it before filling a couple of corn tortillas and smothering in enchilada sauce. Grate some queso blanco on top or substitute grated low fat feta.
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I have a kick-ass recipe for chile verde, and I'd be very surprised if a moderate-sized plate of it hits 600 calories, even with the pork.
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The only thing I see possibly keeping you from your goal is the fideo (because of the pasta). A couple of ounces of grilled or roasted pork on a corn tortilla should be fairly lean, and marinades and condiments (onion, cilantro) aren't going to cost you anything.
You can save a little room by keeping the pork in the charro beans to a minimum. Maybe just a slice of bacon to season? Again, tomatoes, cilantro, and serrano aren't going to cost you anything. I would not attempt refried beans, since they are traditionally made with either lard or shortening.
In the place of fideo, you might try a simple chicken soup with carrots, celery, onions and squash (either chayote, zucchini or yellow squash).
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What you want, son, are fajitas. Lean beef, chicken, or shrimp, vegetables, all sauteed in a minimum amount of oil and served with corn tortillas.
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I think you can manage this with portion control. Four ounces of carnitas is a serving of protein. Carnitas don't need to be en-taco'ed, they are generally eaten with a fork. Which buys you some room for sides.

I don't know if this is a West Coast/Baja thing, but all the best taco trucks here give out teensy free shots of consomme, usually tomato-shrimp, if you know to ask. It's fantastic and light.

In fact, on the taco truck tip, how about a ceviche tostada? You'd need no oil, so could afford to use some avocado. Shrimp or fish will get you big bang for protein buck, and most of the rest of the flavors come in low on calories.
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Serve it on small plates - not salad plates, just smaller rather than larger places. Buy paper plates, or maybe plastic plates at target or something. A small plate heaped with food feels like more food than a larger plate that's half empty.
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Lay in the produce. Make some pico de gallo and calabacitas con maiz and you'll add extra dishes with lots of flavor, color, and bulk without adding many calories at all.
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Cooking Light has several suggestions:


Also, Bobby Deen did Tex Mex yesterday on Not My Mama's Recipes, on the Cooking Channel. I'm sure it's streaming on their website by now.
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Use the Chipotle Calorie Calculator. Now you are surely saying "But sourwookie, we don't want Chipotle!"

I hear you, but what have we learned? Well this:

You can get 3 6" tortillas, a big scoop of fajita veggies, a big scoop of black beans, a large portion of barbacoa (don't just assume poultry is your lowest calorie option), 1/2 portion of cheese, salsa of your choice with all the lettuce and cilantro you want for 675 calories. The key here is to omit the sour cream and keep the cheese to 1/2 a fast-food restaurant-sized portion. Assemble those ingredients as you will. Personally I'd present the meat, veggies, and condiments as fillings for the tortillas a la fajitas and serve the beans on the side to really pump the "meal like" presentation.
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(I would like to stress I was suggesting using the calorie calculator as a guide to help decide what ingredients and portion to use and then prepare yourself, not that you should actually get anything from Chipotle)
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san antonian and atkins-er here. fajitas are how i consume my tex-mex when trying to still be no/low carby.
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Can you grill? That would help a good deal with lowering the fat. Little to no oil, and the grease drips away. Thin (1/2inch) cuts of beef or lean pork, marinated (simple stuff, lime, garlic, cumin, chili, salt, pepper). The grilled veggies really work better with a thin coating of oil, though less than you'd use to saute them anyway.

The veggies go on the grill first, then toss the meat over a high fire for just a minute or so for beef, bit longer for pork or chicken (nothing wrong, in my mind, with turkey), then slice it at an angle so you've got wide, thin slices exposing rarish beef in the center. Fajitas were born to be grilled over fire.
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We just got Chipotle in London - is it to be thoroughly avoided?

Personally I'd go very light on the cheese and anything avocado based.
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