Website's links suddenly broken in IE8
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My company's website is having a bizarre experience: our links have stopped working, suddenly, in IE8 only. They focus but don't trigger the target URL to open. Naturally, most of our clients use IE8. No changes have been made recently. The site is DNN-based, and we've opened a support ticket with DotNetNuke, but I'm stumped. What should I be looking at? Memail me if seeing the site would be helpful and I can give you the URL.
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Are the links such that they're called through JavaScript functions? IE is pretty twitchy about what it thinks is properly-written JS and sometimes it will balk at something that works just fine in another browser.

If DNN has changed a script on their end that could be a possible cause.
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Response by poster: Some of them definitely are although some resolve as regular hrefs in the source code. I wasn't the developer and the firm that put it together is naturally not available, so I'm not sure what I'm looking for.
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I'd check to see if you're pulling in any JS/CSS from external sites that may have changed.
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You might want to submit your site to the w3c's validator and see if anything seriously wrong shows up.
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Response by poster: There are a few errors and a million warnings with the CSS, and a couple associated with Google Fonts. I'm going to walk through those with a colleague and see whether he thinks there's anything in there that might be causing it. No word from DNN as yet.
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Does putting IE8 in compatibility mode fix the issue? Could help pinpoint.
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See if enabling/disabling compatibility view makes any difference, too
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too slow, me. too slow.
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I am having the exact same problem today on my Dotnetnuke site. I don't have a fix yet, but find it odd that two sites have the same issue. We are about to roll back to last night's back up, I will let you know if there is a fix.
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What version of DNN are you using? Have you updated that recently? The current production-ready version is v6.1.3, you should definitely not be running the 6.20 CTP in a production environment.
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Are you using Quirks mode?
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Response by poster: Dark horse for the win! It was Marketo code that was wreaking havoc across their client base. They've fixed it though.
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