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How do I invite my Facebook friends to like my Facebook page? For some reason the Invite Friends option is not there. What am I missing? Is it something in my settings?
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Down on the left side of your page, under all the wall info stuff, there should be a little tab that says "Share". Click on that and it'll put a post on your main timeline. Type something about how you'd like your friends to "like" your page.
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I still see an "Invite Friends" link on the right side of my page, under the list of Admins.
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Response by poster: One of the other admins on the page can see an Invite Friends option, but I cannot.
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Hmm, a few thoughts...

-verify that you are still in fact an admin (obvious, I know, but still)

-view your page in another browser and see if that makes a difference

-log out of Facebook, then log back in and see if that makes a difference
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Best answer: Once you are an admin of a page you can use Facebook either as an admin of the page or as yourself. If you are looking at the page as an admin you won't be able to "Invite Friends" but if you are using it as yourself you can. To switch between the two you can select "Use Facebook as..." on the right hand column or in the drop down menu that appears below the arrow all the way on the top right of the window.
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