Suggestions for a document database that runs on Windows, offers categories, tags and full-text search for a collection of PDFs, PowerPoint and Word Documents and images?
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Any suggestions for a document database that runs on Windows, offers categories, tags and full-text search for a collection of PDFs, PowerPoint and Word Documents and images?

I'm looking for a document database to handle our departments research / market data / study pool. Currently we have about 3.000 files (75% PDF, 15% Powerpoint presentations, 10% Word documents, images, flash files) organized in folders via a category system.

Categories work reasonably well, but I'd like to be able to add additional labels / tags to files to make browsing / discovering things easier. I've also tried a bunch of full text indexing / search tools, which mostly work, but make it hard to browse things, don't index all formats, etc.

So I'm looking for an application, that does the following:

- (Bulk) import from a folder including subfolders
- A tagging / label system on single file-level
- Categories and sub-categories that can be defined
- Full text search
- Preferably runs on Windows

I already looked through previous, similar questions here, but mostly came up with solutions aimed at scientific research or collaboration, which isn't really what I'm looking for.
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Portfolio might be worth investigating. I use it for images, PDFs, .docs, and .ppt. My primary use for it is to search in multiple PDFs as well as label/use categories. You can get it for stand alone and for a server.
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I think the new version of Zoot can do this. It is single-user so some coordination is required to use the same database simultaneously with others.
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Not sure I fully understand what you are after, but what about X1 Pro 7? There is a free Beta version available here. It shows pdfs and most other files in preview.
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Have you looked at document database programs designed for legal document review? Concordance and Relativity can handle all the tasks and have all the attributes you describe above.
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Response by poster: thanks for your answers, I'll take a look at all the suggestions today and next week and report back
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Papervision and their hosted online model, ImageSilo, do all of the above.

255 file formats. Import and auto-labelling from the parent directory structure. Drop down indexing, free text indexing, foldering and tagging.

There's also multiple export capabilities, works with Sharepoint, and a full audit trail.
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Response by poster: sorry for the late reply, testing took a bit longer than I expected due to high workload on actual projects. I've been using Zoot for a bit now and it works pretty well.
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