Into the labyrinth, never to return
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Where did my movie go?

My daughter and wife were watching Labyrinth the other night. It was getting late so they decided to finish it the next evening. When they went back to it, it was gone. Itunes managed library, apple tv2, windows XP. Fortunately I had jailbroken the apple tv a long time ago and installed XBMC which allowed them to watch the HD copy that I had, so no loss. But where did the movie go?

Yes, it's possible that somebody deleted it, but I highly doubt it in this case.
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Where did you get the movie from originally? Was it ripped from a disc, downloaded from somewhere, or was it an iTunes rental?
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Was it rented from itunes? Once you start a movie you only have 24 hours to finish it.
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Good questions and I should have included that information. Downloaded by a friend and copied to my hard drive over a year ago. I don't know where he got it from.
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I have a vague recollection that XBMC has an option to filter watched items from view. Is it possible that you have this view toggled as opposed to it showing all items and it is treating even a partially watched movie as watched?
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I"m still not being clear, sorry. There were two copies, one of the HD. We watched the regular one with Itunes. When it disappeared, both from Itunes and the hard drive, we watched the other copy using xbmc.
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Did you leave the keyboard out, and do you have cats? If that was the last movie that was selected, it would be the one to go if they stepped on the keyboard and hit upon a shortcut for "delete".
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