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I need help finding a 2D game about running a restaurant- and it involved a lot of mini-games and menial tasks. Very simple graphics, too.

Okay, so it was a game about running a restaurant, a free game for PCs I recall. It wasn't online- you had to download it. Extremely simple graphics and colors. I believe you could purchase upgrades like tip jars...?

It also had tons of mini-games that involved things like cooking food to order and filling drink orders just right.

My Google-fu has failed.
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Diner Dash?
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Response by poster: Definitely pre-Diner Dash. It wasn't a top down view of a restaraunt, I *think*- I have a distinct memory of customers coming in almost sideways, like you were sitting at the counter? I could be wrong about that one.

Also, the graphics were even cruder then that.
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Tapper, but the whole thing is basically just one mini-game.
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Best answer: Ore No Ryori 2? Screenshots.
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Response by poster: AHA! I FOUND IT! Tapper reminded me that there was beer involved, along with Japanese elements.

It's called Ore No Ryomi 2. It may be the nostalgia speaking, but it's pretty awesome...
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Response by poster: Also iconomy- you nailed right as I did :)
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Yeah. I went to Home of the Underdogs and searched the word restaurant ;)
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If you like these kind of games, check out the Papa Louie series, which includes burger making, pizzas, tacos and ice cream shops. They are horribly addictive.
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