It is hard to forget a river of babies
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This is a long shot, but I'm trying to identify a painting that I saw at the Philadelphia Museum of Art about 4 years ago. All I remember is that it was a large painting that looked like a forest scene - at first glance it looked simply like a river within the forest, but upon looking at it again, you can see that the river is made up of hundreds upon hundreds of babies. I've tried googling, and exploring the Philadelphia Museum of Art's webpage, but to no avail. I am hoping someone knows this crazy painting!
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Best answer: Léon Fréderic, The Source of Life
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Response by poster: Wow, thanks - talk about instant gratification!
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Oh man, I remember that painting. It was so weird and almost seemed sinister.
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Agreed with permiechickie - we boggled at that trippy painting just recently! Less weird, but also cool at the PMA were his Four Seasons.
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