A whole new world with iphone keyboard?
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How can I best use my new bluetooth keyboard with my iphone?

Hey Friends,

I just acquired a free bluetooth keyboard. It's pretty awesome, but the only device that I would really use it with is my iphone. What are some cool and interesting ways to use this keyboard which would really up what my iphone can do? Are there any great apps which expand the potential?

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I occasionally carry my BT keyboard with me to meetings and take notes on my iPhone in Simplenote. It's pretty handy with a VNC/Screen sharing type application, too. Once OnLive Desktop is available for the iPhone (iPad only right now) you should be able to basically carry a free windows 7 machine in your pocket. Text entry via keyboard and AirPlay the video and audio out to an Apple TV or whatever. Ultimate thin client.
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When I'm reading a pdf on my ipad, I prop up my iphone on the bezel of the ipad and take notes on the iphone using the bluetooth keyboard.
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